Bundesliga Game of Thrones

Bundesliga Clubs In Game Of Thrones

This article is based purely on the background of each noble house and we do not wish to spoil the show for anyone who may be watching it right now. So here is your *!*!* SPOILER WARNING *!*!* as there are some spoilers contained in here.

House Stark – Borussia Dortmund

The Lannister’s major rival. The Starks and the Lannisters have been bitter enemies in Game of Thrones all the way back to the first series of the show where they went to war with each other following the improper capture and execution of Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark in Kings Landing. Borussia Dortmund is a very fearless side with loyal supporters who will travel far and wide just to support their club. Similarly to the Stark’s in Game of Thrones who were the most popular family in the north and that’s why the majority of the northern families in the show took up arms against the Lannisters with the Starks during the war. As well as the Starks, Dortmund fear absolutely no one in football as they have shown multiple times where they always give 100% to the cause whether they’re playing Hamburger SV at home or Bayern Munich away!

House Lannister – Bayern Munich

The most valuable and successful club in Bundesliga history. The Lannisters have the most money available at their disposable. Similarly to Bayern Munich in the league who have found themselves dominating Germany for years now. Which is exactly how the Lannisters have found themselves since Jaime Lannister put his sword into the Mad King’s back. Bayern Munich is also one of if not the richest club in Germany and this is why they are the dominant force in the league. Bayern Munich are always the biggest spenders in the league and this matches the actions of the Lannister house in Game of Thrones. The narrative of the Stark/Lannister battles matches the Dortmund and Bayern rivalry too. Which justifies why Dortmund are the Stark house. In the Game of Thrones series, the Stark’s were close to beating the Lannisters until the Lannisters were sly and killed the majority of the Stark army forcing the war to end. Just in the same way that Dortmund were starting to win league titles and then Bayern Munich decided to signed Robert Lewandowski, Mario Götze and Mats Hummels.

House Bolton – FC Schalke 04

The bitter rivals of the Stark family in the later series of the show. After the Bolton family works with the Lannister family to kill “King In The North” Robb Stark, his wife and Catelyn Stark, along with his highest ranking allies at the red wedding. This has then led to the north being contested by the Starks and the Bolton family which led to the “Battle Of The Bastards” in series 6. Similarly to the way that Borussia Dortmund & Schalke 04 are always contesting to be the best in the Ruhr in the Revierderby. This rivalry can only be compared to the one that the Boltons and the Starks shared until Ramsay Bolton was killed at the end of season 6.

House Targaryen – Borussia Mönchengladbach

Once of the greatest and most dominant sides in the Bundesliga during the early stages of the competition during the 70’s. Now they’re back and pushing their way further up the table achieving European qualification almost year on year. Although they have not been able to mount much more of a dominant title push than the top 4 over the last few years. The sky is always the limit for Borussia Mönchengladbach with young players such as Mickaël Cuisance and Denis Zakaria who are Gladbach’s biggest prospects which they currently have within their ranks. So who knows maybe they will match the Targaryen’s level of success in their quest for power by toppling the Bayern Munich monopoly and winning the Bundesliga for themselves.

House Tyrell – RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig has plenty of financial funding at their hands and has a squad full of young promising players. Just like the Tyrell house in Game of Thrones who are renowned for having rich resources in the reach region. They’re one of the richest houses in the entire show and had a very promising future ahead of them. The Tyrell’s in the show is always looking for new ways which they can move forward in their quest for power. Leipzig definitely has a bright future ahead of them, especially with the likes of Timo Werner, Dayot Upamecano, Bruma who are just a few of the squad of players that you should definitely be looking out for in the future of the Bundesliga. Of course, the young prospects are great, but they also have sh*t loads of money at their disposable thanks to their lovely sponsorship at Red Bull, although don’t mention that to the DFB of course. Personally, I do believe that RB Leipzig will become one of the major players in the Bundesliga in a few years time once their players have had more time to develop. They’ll be hoping that their future success starts domestically and then moves into the continental competitions. That was of course until that moment in the sept happened of course. But I’m sure you know the rest.

House Baratheon – Hamburger SV

One of the oldest clubs in the Bundesliga and the only side not to be relegated from the Bundesliga but as the season dwells on it does seem like that Hamburg are due to be relegated from the top tier of German football. So as the longest standing club in the Bundesliga, they are soon not going to have the same size and stature that they are used to having in the Bundesliga. Just like the house Baratheon, as more and more of the family kept getting killed off it seemed inevitable that they would become an irrelevant and extinct family and would be nothing but a name in the history books rather than one of the major players in the land like they used to be. It seems that the same situation may be heading to the Volksparkstadion very soon.

House Martell – Hertha Berlin

The team as far as east goes. Hertha Berlin is the main player as far as football goes on the eastern side of Germany. Just like the Martells are now in the Dorne region. The Martells forcefully took back what was theirs originally. Hertha Berlin finds themselves having to travels miles and miles every weekend no matter who they play in the Bundesliga. Similarly to the Martells in Game of Thrones as if they want to be considered a major player in Westeros and one of the big boys so to speak. They will have to travel west and try and beat the best over there. Which represents the Bundesliga pretty well, to be honest. I think the travelling Hertha Berlin fans definitely have to be commended because there is no derby game for them to play in the Bundesliga due to the sheer distance of the other teams

House Greyjoy – VFL Wolfsburg

Once great but they’re now a disgraced name in the Bundesliga. Poor seasons in recent years means that Wolfsburg are no longer on the same level as some of the great teams in the Bundesliga. Just like how once the Greyjoy’s decided to take Winterfell from the Starks and failed, their quest for the top seemed to have failed and it will take a miracle for them to mount any sort of challenge for the top. Especially nowadays when Wolfsburg main goals in the league are now just to survive rather than have any claim or interest to the Bundesliga throne. This is definitely down to all the failed transfers that Wolfsburg have brought in over the recent seasons since they sold Kevin De Bruyne to Manchester City. Players like Paul Georges Ntep, Admir Mehmedi, Ignacio Camacho have been nowhere near good enough. So there is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done at Wolfsburg if there are to be any improvements next season, that is if they stay up of course.

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