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Bundesliga Season Review 2017/18 – Part 1

So, it is finally over. The Bundesliga 17/18 season has ended on 12th May 2018. In addition, what a season it’s has been! We saw the relegation of two clubs with a long and great history in German football, alongside an epic battle for Europe spots throughout the season. It was also the 27th Bundesliga title for Bayern; the first time they won it six seasons consecutively!

In this article, I will try to make a quick summary of each team season and if it was good, “meh”, or bad for, based on their history, ambitions and how they did last season.

1st place – Bayern Munich (84 points) 

Well, there is no big surprise here, right? 27 times champions Bayern started the season not so well, to the point some claimed this season they would see rivals Dortmund lift the trophy again. Well, this opinion really changed with the arrival of Jupp Heynckes. The 2012-13 treble winner for Bayern really changed the club, and made the Bavarians a slaughter machine once again, winning their sixth straight title.

Schalke 04

2nd place – Schalke 04 (63 points)

After failing to finish in a Europe spot last year, The Royal Blues, with new manager Dominico Tedesco, overcame their problems and did a solid, great season. Although they could not pose a big threat for the Bavarians, Schalke really showed what they came for. With a Champions League guaranteed spot next season, they now aim for success in European ground once again.

3rd place – TSG Hoffenheim (55 points, 18 GD) 

One of the Bundesliga new sensations, Hoffenheim (who got fourth last season) didn’t have the best of the starts in the season. However they turned this around in a “quietly way”, let’s say, mainly due to Kramaric’s “revival”. Other perfomances worth mentioning are from GK Baumann and attacking midfielder Serge Gnabry, and their defense, who did a great job throughout the season.

Mark Uth

4th place – Borussia Dortmund (55 points, 17 GD)

The Bees season started really well under the management of new coach Peter Bosz, but they eventually went on a big, big, downfall. From title contenders to being on menace of ending outside CL spot downfall. After the eventual departure of Bozsz and now with ex-Koln coach Peter Stoger BVB managed to do a steady season, keeping themselves up in third/fourth place.

5th place – Bayer Leverkusen (55 points, 15 GD) 

Oh, now for my team. If there is one word who can define Die Werkself season, this word is unstability. Comparing with the last season, however, there is a clearly evolution. What really defined the 5th place were some games were the team clearly did a bad job (while in some they showed much better football), and the little goal difference between the other two clubs.

Timo Werner

6th place – RB Leipzig (53 points) ­

The bulls, who finished second in the last season, could not repeat their good performance. However, it doesn’t mean they had a bad season now. It was their first experience having to manage between Bundesliga and Champions/Europa League matches, and it seemed like they had some problems to do so, which led to some bad matches in the league after their Europeans ones. Next year seems to be a better one, as they will know how to manage their calendar better

7th place – VfB Stuttgart (51 points) 

Coming from the 2.Bundesliga, Stuttgart seemed to have the plan of just trying to stay up in top flight. And it really was that way in the first half of the season. However, when manager Tayfun Korkut took over as head coach, the club suffered a turnaround and found their winning way, coming to have a seven match undefeated streak. Their good form permitted them to climb seven (there is a lot of seven here!) positions in the final stint of the season and dream of reaching a Europa League final (if Bayern wins the Pokal they go to European stage).

Eintracht Frankfurt

8th place – Eintracht Frankfurt (49 points)

The Eagles (which I made an article about here) kind of repeated their past season trajectory: from a very, very good start until the winter break and then just a plain downfall. Although it was not as bad as in 16-17, it still was a fall from third to 8th place. Once again they fail to qualify for a European spot because of silly mistakes. When coach Niko Kovac leaves for Bayern next season we will see if they manage to finish in the top six, a position they know they can achieve.

9th place – Borussia Monchengladbach (47 points) ­­­

The Foals finished their season in the same position as their last: ninth. There is not much to say about it, therefore. They lost one of their key players, Raffael, during a great portion of the season due to an injury. What could have been if he played the entire season is up to questioning. One of their best performers was (once again) their GK Yan Sommer (I mean, shouldn’t he be the starter for the Swiss in Russia?).

That was the part 1 of my resume for the 17-18 Bundesliga season review, in which I covered the first nine teams. The other part will be telling the tale of the last nine clubs. Be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter if you liked this article. Be sure to check out our other range of articles that we have on our site.