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Bundesliga Season Review 2017/18 – Part 2

Season Review 2017/18 – Part 2

Hello there, Bundesliga fans! Here it is, the second part of the Bundesliga 17-18 season resume, where i try to make a quick summary of each club season. The first part is already out, in which I talked about the first nine clubs in the table.

10th – Hertha Berlin – Well, the season for Hertha was not that bad, despite finishing four places below than in 16-17. They reached the quarterfinals of the DFB Pokal and finished in tenth place, but their overall performance, mainly in the attack, was positive. Of course, their run in the Europa League was one to forget, but it seems that in the next season they tend to get things right once again to have a better one.

11th – Werder Bremen – The 2004 Bundesliga champions started the season flirting with the relegation zone along with Koln. Differently from the goats,however, the team in green got their football going great again and eventually got out, aiming even further. Their final position was “only” eleventh, a good one considering their starting problems in the first part of the season.

12th – FC Augsburg – They just moved one position comparing to their last season, but this time 3 names shined on their shirt: Phillip Max, Michael Gregoritsch and Alfred Finnbogason. The first was the second assister in the league with 12 to his name, and the other two shined on the scoresheet. The first with 13, and Finnbogason with 12 (In total, they contributed in 25 of 43 goals for the club, or 58%. Incredible stats). Overall, a not so bad season.

13th – Hannover 96 – They were, together with Stuttgart, the other team from the 2.Bundesliga to go up. With that in mind, staying in the first division would be considered a good season, and well, this they have done. Although they did not showed any amazing performance during the season, they did the necessary to stay in the Bundesliga. Many fans considered Salif Sané to be their best performer, and he was in fact a solid rock in Hannover defense.

14th – Mainz 05 – The zero fivers again spent most of the season in the low part of the table, sometimes fighting to be outside the relegation zone. Just like in 16-17, they escaped it by a little margin. It seems that they will not change much for the next season unfortunately, and will try to climb one or two positions.

15th – SC Freiburg ­– Normally in football you cannot say a team achieved something with the effort of only one player. In Freiburg’s case, however, you can probably say with a good reasoning that they would not be in that position if a certain Nils Petersen did not score 15 goals, finishing as top German goal scorer in the league. Next season, they need to improve their team in general, as they could not rely so heavily on only one player.

16th – VfL Wolfsburg – The Wolves finish the season in the same position as the last one, having to play the play-offs to try to stay up in the Bundesliga one more season at least. They are going to play against third place in the 2.Bundesliga Holsten Kiel. Well, there is no much to say about them other than, “they had a very bad season”. If they stay up, one more chance to make good signings and improve. If not, it is time for them to change something in the management and play the good football they know they have.

17th – Hamburger SV – It finally happened. After flirting with relegation for some time, the dinosaurs, after 54 years (!) finally went down from the Bundesliga. They never played a football worth enough to stay up in the season, although they showed resiliency in some matches. A club of their magnitude for sure will see the problems they had and fix it. Hope to see them in top flight very soon!

18th – FC Köln ­– They never stood a chance, a real one, did they? Koln, from the start of the season until the end of it, were the last team in the table. Their first win came only on the 17th matchday and although they won 3 straight matches in that period, it was their only good time. Finishing the season with 22 points, or 9 behind Hamburger SV, we can only wish them “better luck for the next season” and hope they do well in the second division.

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