Emil Forsberg RB Leipzig

Emil Forsberg To Leave RB Leipzig?

So as it stands Emil Forsberg has just been sent off in a 5-2 defeat at home to Hoffenheim which has ultimately ended his season early.

At the end of last season, Emil Forsberg was one of the hottest properties both in the Bundesliga and in Europe. He hasn’t really hit the heights that he did last season. RB Leipzig finished in second place at the end of the 2016/17 season. With Emil Forsberg scoring 8 goals and providing a league best of 22 assists too. His excellent vision and passing play makes his lack of pace pretty irrelevant when it comes to playing. He’s shown that he can easily be one of the leagues best both on the wing and in a central position. Despite not being as quick as the likes of teammates Marcel Sabitzer and Timo Werner.

But this season it’s not really hit off for him. He’s only made 15 starts with coming off the bench 6 times. In the 21 appearances, he’s only scored 2 goals and provided 2 assists. He was injured for 2 months from early December to early February.

Emil Forsberg Tweet

Emil Forsberg Tweet

Now Emil Forsberg left a cryptic tweet out on Monday that said “thanks for everything”. Now whether this is just Forsberg’s way of saying that he wished RB Leipzig appealed the referee’s decision is one thing. But of course, there are other ways that this tweet could have meant. Now we’re not to make up stories just for the hell of it. So we’re not going to say that it’s for a particular reason. But there are hints that a move is on the cards for the Swedish player of the year. You can imagine that it is pretty frustrating that when all you want to do is play football to try and get Leipzig into the top 4. You’re being denied it.

Do I think Leipzig would have had a case to appeal the red card decision from Saturday? Not really, in the heat of the moment, Forsberg lost his cool. A flailing arm and lashing out at your opponent isn’t going to get you far regardless of if it was a foul on Forsberg, to begin with.

Where Would He Go?

If Emil Forsberg was to leave, where would he go? I would imagine that there would be huge amounts of teams queuing to get his signature. He’s definitely a champions league quality player and if he needs to leave Leipzig to get that then I believe he will. But would he be silly to? I think he may be. RB Leipzig has got a great array of players and while there is still some work to do on the squad in the way of transfers. But I do think RB Leipzig will learn from their mistakes this season and qualify for the champions league next season.

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