The outstanding thing was that he made things look so easy. But those close to him understood that his game was built on his strong work ethic. As previously mentioned he grew up as the son of a postal worker in the working class area of Giesing. One of Munich’s poorest and most bombed quarters after the second world war. He spent his youthful days on end just hitting a ball against a wall in his backyard. The reason he would do this he explains is because “That wall was the most honest teammate, if you played a proper pass, you’d get it back properly”. Still to this day, no one has played more proper passes than Beckenbauer in the history of football. That is what makes Beckenbauer different from the rest of the greats.

What Other Players Say About Him

“I once saw Franz Beckenbauer enter a restaurant and he did it the same way he played football: with class and authority.”

 Brian Clough

“He was a leader of men, a dominant presence who could bring the ball out with grace and skill.”

Eric Cantona

“He’s a great mate. As a player, he was marked out by intelligence rather than strength. He was more Brazilian than German as a footballer.”


So it’s fair to say that Beckenbauer has solidified his position amongst the greats after being recognised by so many for being a different class on the football pitch and leading all the teams he played into glory.

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