It’s Inevitable That RB Leipzig Will Win The Bundesliga

September 11, 2018

It’s Inevitable That RB Leipzig Will Win The Bundesliga

In this article, I talk about the RB Leipzig that the club is built on and just why I think it’s inevitable that someday they will win the Bundesliga. If you enjoyed this article why not check out some of the other articles that we have available on our website.

Now first, it’s definitely worth noting that I do not endorse what RB Leipzig are done to the German game. I actually find it rather sad and unfair. I do hope that the DFB do something about the side in the future because it is a shame to see them take the place of the other teams in the league that has been there for years before.

They’ve Done It Before In Austria

Although the Austrian Bundesliga lacks the quality of the German Bundesliga. You can’t argue that RB Salzburg has become the dominant monopoly of the Austrian Bundesliga. Similar to the RB Leipzig story, FC Salzburg was the result of the takeover of Austria Salzburg. They changed their kit colours from purple and white to the more common red and white and the famous energy drink logo. Since the start of the 2005/06 season, RB Salzburg has won 9 out of a possible 13 titles available. Further, from this, every season that they didn’t win it, they’ve finished in 2nd place. Showing just the monopoly that the Austrian Bundesliga has become thanks to Red Bull.

RB Leipzig Youth System

RB Leipzig currently sit in the top division of the u19 Bundesliga and are one of the major players in this league as they currently sit in 2nd place in the u19 Bundesliga. They finished in 4th place during the 2017/18 season which shows just the high level of players that they have in their youth ranks. Eventually, Leipzig will start to have these young players coming through and into the first team as we see the result of their investments in the academy. A big problem that players find themselves in around Europe is that if they are at a big club then will rarely get a chance to impress but RB Leipzig are changing the game by having a really young team whilst playing at the higher levels of domestic football. So credit has to be given to them there.

How Do They Bypass The 50+1 Rule?

In order to play in the German first division, Leipzig needs to abide by the 50+1 rule just like everyone else. But there seem to be loopholes which have allowed RB Leipzig to bend the rules to their will. To put this into context, a membership at Borussia Dortmund will cost you 62 euros a year to have a say in what happens with the club. Whereas across the Eastern side at RB Leipzig, a gold membership will set you back 1000 euros a year and even then you are still only a supporting or non voting member.

The German FA demanded that they opened up their membership structure so that they could get their license to play in the Bundesliga. But they only have 17 proper members, the majority of which are employees or associates of Red Bull meaning that they can make the executive decisions they want because the fans are represented by Red Bull employees and associates.

High Finishes

Although it is well documented that RB Leipzig has spent a lot of money. Which is an opportunity that not many other clubs in the lower tiers of German football have had. But in their 2 seasons playing in the Bundesliga. RB Leipzig has finished in 2nd and 6th place which is still a good achievement for a new side in the league. Of course the higher you finish in the league table correlates to how much money you receive in prize money. So these 2 high finishes in the league plus all the money they get from the European competitions too. This will mean that Leipzig will have more funds at their disposal when compared to the sides lower in the league. So they are definitely here to stay in the long run and they will become an established side in the division.

Plus with all the money that Red Bull (sorry, “investors”) has to invest in their football clubs worldwide then it may not be long until we see RBL lifting the Deutschermeister at the Red Bull Arena. They are currently the 4th most valuable club in the division


Their recruitment team does deserve a lot of praise too. They sign players for a low fee and then through good coaching and nurturing turn them into world class talents in the division. Players such as Dayot Upamecano, Emil Forsberg and Yussuf Poulsen. Were all picked up from a really young age and moulded to be the best that they can be in the Bundesliga. Which has led to them representing their country in major tournaments and being linked with the biggest sides across Europe.

This can also be linked to RB Salzburg who signed players such as Kevin Kampl (RB Leipzig), Sadio Mané (Liverpool), Alan (Guangzhou Evergrande), Valon Berisha (Lazio), Naby Keïta (Liverpool). Who were all signed for small fees at young ages and sold for a huge profit later in their careers.

Of course, Rome was not built in a day and I feel that the RB Leipzig project is only just gathering momentum at the moment. So I think it will be very interesting to see how they carry on their progress in the Bundesliga. I do think we will one day see RB Leipzig lift the Bundesliga title. But until then we can settle with seeing Bayern Munich lift the title year on year for now. I hope you enjoyed this article on RB Leipzig and their formula to the title. If you would like to read more then be sure to check out the latest articles that we have posted on our website here, be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with every article as soon as it goes live.

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