Why Does The Bundesliga Have A Winter Break?

April 18, 2018

Why Does The Bundesliga Have A Winter Break?

What is the need for the “Winterpause”? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. In fact, it’s pretty normal for football teams across Europe to take a winter break. The only country where we don’t see this is in the UK where the Premier League and all the other competitive leagues carry on their football games. So it’s not all that uncommon really.

This omission to take a winter break has often been linked to the recent failures of English football when playing in the Champions League which hasn’t been won by an English side since 2012. So why does the Bundesliga take a winter break annually? Well there are multiple reasons for it and here they are:

Train, Train, Train

The matches may stop but the training doesn’t. As soon as the Bundesliga matchday ends for the winter break. The preparation for the return of the Bundesliga begins. It’s a great time for the sides who are not doing as well to really put in some extra work in training and behind closed doors to make sure that they’re ready to make a difference come matchday. This helps and allows relegation threatened sides to kick on and get out of the fight. It’s also a great chance to impress the manager of your side too. If there is a player who is trying to force their way into the side, then this winter break is a great chance to show off to the manager. To force a way into the starting 11 of the side in time for the return of the Bundesliga.

Marketing Strategy

In a more commercial view of the Bundesliga winter break. It’s a great time for the big sides such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund etc to travel on a training camp to countries like Qatar, USA etc. In order to emphasise the brand of the side and get more of a support from abroad. Training camps like this are sure to bring in lots of new fans to the club just to watch their favourite players in the flesh. So there is a mix of training to get fit the second half of the season. As well as participating in a meet and greet with fans. In order to get the clubs name out into countries that may not necessarily know much about them. All this has a financial benefit to the club as these new fans will start to buy merchandise from the club so that they can support their team from across the globe.

New Transfers Settle In

A winter break allows any new players that have been signed over the January transfer window. To settle in with their new team mates. It’s usually best if clubs get their transfer business done early so that it gives the player more time to settle in. As the player will have to learn everything about the club they’ve moved to. From the tactics that the manager plays to all the new players that they may have never played with before. Never mind any language barriers that they may have to overcome if it isn’t a domestic transfer. So the winter break is always a benefit for any new players in a squad. As it helps both the new player and the rest of the squad to adjust to the change. Which can only help the side at the return of the Bundesliga.

Does It Mean European Success?

Does a winter break link with European success? Now for me, it’s very difficult to link European success with the winter break. Real Madrid has been dominant in the last 5 years picking up the trophy in 2014, 2016 and 2017. As well as Chelsea winning it in 2012. Barcelona last won the tournament back in 2015 after defeating Juventus in the final. But the last German side to win the famous trophy was Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund in 2013. So does the winter break give them an advantage. Well like Germany, Spain have a winter break so it would suggest that it does have an impact. As this break up in play allows players to come back fit and fresh to go again. This could be why English sides haven’t performed as well in recent years. There are huge calls for there to be a winter break in England. But this is often met with a huge backlash by the fans who want their age old tradition of boxing day and new year football to stay.

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