Why I Love The Bundesliga

September 23, 2018

Why I Love The Bundesliga

There is absolutely no doubt that the Bundesliga holds the magic that some leagues would only dream of. Being from England I have had enough of the money fuelled fire of the Premier League and Stoke City’s recent relegation from the Premier League has reminded me of just how much money drives the Premier League and the top 6 clubs in the league.

Whereas I find the Bundesliga totally different. I literally love everything about it (except RB Leipzig of course). From the ticket prices to the fan culture it would seem that this league literally has it all that any football fan would want.

Fan Culture

The Bundesliga fan culture is something that can only be rivalled by a select few leagues in the world. But amongst the top European leagues then this is definitely unrivalled. The amount of things that fans can do in Germany that can’t happen especially in England is crazy. Seeing some of the sights like the ones below can only be described as breathtaking and I wish that more of this could happen in English football but at the moment it looks unlikely. You can take your beer into the stands and enjoy the game with the refreshment of your beer in hand. The world famous 50+1 rule that is around in Germany allows the fans to connect with the club like no other. The 50+1 rules allow investors to invest their money in a club whilst the fans still controlt the majority shares of the club meaning that no decisions can be made without the consent of the fans. We’ve seen all too often before that huge clubs like Blackburn, Hull, Blackpool, and Portsmouth who have suffered because of their corrupt owners who have taken all the investment for themselves.

Goals Goals Goals

Every time I see a Bundesliga game it is always filled with action and goals. 0-0 draws are very rare to come by in the league, which always makes for great viewing if you know that you’re going to see goals every game. I often find that with the Premier League, when sides like Huddersfield v Cardiff come around they’re guaranteed to finish 0-0 whereas you can find that even games down the lower end of the Bundesliga table will end up with entertaining scorelines such as 3-3 in Freiburg v Stuttgart and 3-4 in Köln v Freiburg last season. So for me in short, I just find the Bundesliga matches the most entertaining across the world. Especially because unless it’s Bayern Munich involved then they’re usually quite a close game and there’s never certainty that a specific side will win.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices around the world are at an all time high now and more and more across the world fans are being priced out of football games which is a real shame as fans are what makes the world of football tick. Luckily for fans of clubs in the Bundesliga, clubs are keeping their prices cheap and affordable for their fans to make sure that the stadiums stay full and people of all ages and social classes are able to visit the games of their favourite teams across the country. This for me is what makes the Bundesliga so great.

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